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Thread: Michael McDermott "willow springs"

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    Default Michael McDermott "willow springs"

    Michael McDermott "willow springs"

    online Spotify listen:

    never heard of this US folky until about an hour ago...
    I was on writer Stephen King's website and FB page
    and he was praising this album as much as he did to
    Nathaniel Rateliff last year...
    McDermott has been around for some thirty years now..
    his stories on this one are up there with the Dylan and The Boss...
    sounds like both at times with the upbeat feel of UK'er George Ezra....
    superb album, I doubt that anything I hear this year will top this one...

    from the album:

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    whenever I hear the name McDermott (or a variant spelling of it) I always think of this little song:

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