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The Temper Trap's mix of choirboy vocals and ringing, U2-influenced guitars earned them significant buzz in Melbourne, Australia, where the band first rose to local prominence after playing St. Jerome's Laneway Festival in March 2006. The Temper Trap released their debut EP that same year, and word of the group's potential soon spread to other continents. Veteran British producer Jim Abbiss (who previously helmed the Arctic Monkeys' meteoric debut) saw similar promise in the Temper Trap's panoramic sound. Flying to Australia, he gathered the musicians into Melbourne's Sing Sing Studios and helped ready their debut album, Conditions, for a 2009 release.

album review

The Temper Trap attracted their first batch of international fans with "Sweep Disposition," a pop anthem framed by the influence of Jeff Buckley's falsetto and U2's guitar delay. A similar sound fuels the strongest tracks on Conditions, which takes additional cues from the sweeping, effects-laden strains of Bends-era Radiohead and Coldplay. The insistent percussion and tasteful synths are partially responsible for such comparisons, but the most obvious link between the Temper Trap and the bands they so avidly adore is singer Dougy Mandagi, an impassioned tenor who hoots, coos, croons, and courts melodrama with all the open-armed enthusiasm of a theater student. He's a fantastic singer and fairly capable songwriter two essential qualities for a frontman who takes cues from the giants of stadium pop/rock but he's also a middling lyricist, concerned with topics that are far smaller than the cathedrals and sweeping landscapes his music evokes. For all its fist-pumping beauty, "Sweet Disposition" seems to be about little more than a late-night makeout session ("Stay there, 'cause I'm coming over"), and "Rest" features few words other than "Oooh, baby," which loses its luster after several repetitions. Conditions runs out of juice during its second half, where the anthems of the A-side give way to minor-key ballads and middling rock. Album highlights like "Sweet Disposition," "Love Lost," and "Fader" are tell-tale signs of a band worthy of scaling the Joshua Tree, however, even if the Temper Trap have a lot of growing up to do beforehand.

Track Listing
1 Love Lost Aherne, Dundas, Mandagi ... 03:33
2 Sweet Disposition Mandagi, Sillitto 03:51
3 Fader Dundas, Mandagi 03:03
4 Rest Aherne, Dundas, Mandagi ... 03:40
5 Down River Aherne, Mandagi 03:44
6 Soldier On Aherne, Mandagi, Sillitto 05:55
7 Fools Dundas, Mandagi, Sillitto 04:33
8 Resurrection Dundas, Mandagi, Sillitto 05:31
9 Science of Fear Dundas, Mandagi, Sillitto 04:17
10 Drum Song Aherne, Dundas, Mandagi ... 03:20