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Thread: Jimmy Barnes "soul searchin'"

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    Default Jimmy Barnes "soul searchin'"

    Jimmy Barnes "soul searchin'"

    Spotify listen:

    so, this is his seventeenth solo set since leaving Cold Chisel
    and it just hit #1 on debut here in Australia this week, making
    it his eleventh solo album to hit the top spot out here which equals
    the record of eleven #1 albums by U2 and Madonna...
    but I guess if you add the other four #1 albums he
    has had with Cold Chisel that's fifteen #1 albums in 37 years!
    back to this one...
    its a soul album consisting of cover songs, its also the fourth soul/r+b
    covers album of his career...I own one of them, the firs one "soul deep"
    which was pretty good...
    he went to the home of Stax to record this one,
    The Memphis Boys who I believe were the resident studio band in Memphis back
    in the day......
    another soul man appears on this one also...Steve Cropper who was "mr. stax" as he
    played on just about every record recorded at Staz in the 1960s...
    Dan Penn, a successful producer from Memphis also appears on this one...
    so es, its a covers set, the music and sound is authentic and Barnes' vocals aren't as
    screechy and strained as they have been on recent releases...
    a few nice covers on here but I wouldn't buy it...

    from the album: song as originally recorded by a little known soul man called Lee Moses:

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    not strictly a soul song but he also covers "suspicious minds" on this one...
    im a huge Presley as you all know and im the first one to be critical of covers of songs
    that were his, but there are two versions of Suspicious Minds that are he equal of Presley's
    original and both are different, theres this one and o course Fine Young Cannibals...

    here's the new Jimmy Barnes version:

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    I preferred Jimmy Barnes as part of Cold Chisel. That's probably because I liked the songs better, most of which would have been written by Don Walker.

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