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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Default Hello everyone!


    I am new to forum. The love for music and the fun of discussing music has brought me here! I listen to all kinds of music but my Blues and Jazz are my favorite. I love listening to MJ, Bruno Mars, Lana Del Rey and so many other artists. looking forward for some interesting discussions with you guys!

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    welcome to MD tracy18.....

    my knowledge of the blues and jazz is very limited, I look foreward to you posting your favourite artists in those genres

    Bruno Mars....awesomely talented guy IMO! in Michael Jackson I presume...??? another very talented entertainer!

    Lana Del Ray...I have not warmed to her style of music yet.

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    Hello tracy18! :)

    Just like you, I, too, am new to this forum.
    Everyone here knows quite a lot about music.
    So i thought people here can help me to polish my noob sheet reading skills..

    Seeking help!

    So if you have any good knowledge about how to read music sheets..
    Please contact ;)

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