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    For the Love of Music

    I am a technology entrepreneur, and a great music fan obsessed with a total passion for music.
    The need to fully absorb this passion has challenged me to find better answers on how to explore music, and how to maximize the experience on each music session.
    After a year and a half of hard work, I had launched the first True Music Rating System© called EARs at
    This is something I had always wanted but never had found - anything alike.
    It was created with an authentic need of a person eating breathing and living music.

    I will tell you more about this without pushing, in a natural pace.

    Thank you all for this cozy place.

    Best.... Music !


    My Favorite Music

    Anything that rocks from the mid-sixties beginning with the British Invasion and up to date Heavy Metal (HM).
    From music of the 60’s with the Psychedelic and Flower generation of Woodstock, turning into underground, evolving to Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, NWOBHM, Classic Rock, Metal, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative and Grunge – and not to forget Black, Death and Doom Metal.
    And the bands, “wowww” – there are just to many great names to list here, and then I also have to be careful for all of those I do not mention… so lets skip on this…
    Nissim Elias - Founder

    True Music Rating System©
    EARs |

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    I am so glad to have found someone alike on this thread ! Hi, I am too an engineer and hoping to entrepreneur my life through music. I write about entrepreneurs mixing art & technology, would love to know more of your app and you, your story is interesting.

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