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Thread: Big Big Train "folklore"

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    Default Big Big Train "folklore"

    Big Big Train "folklore"

    Spotify world listen....

    never heard of them previously which is why
    I elected to hear it...
    this is their nineth album...
    wiki says "uk prog rock band"....
    lots o folky stuff on here that expands outwards,
    these guys are very proficient musicians judging
    this album...
    a good album that will get another listen or two
    by me over the next week or two!

    from the album, my initial favourite track:

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    Big Big Train get a lot of mention on prog music fora. They are a band I probably SHOULD check out in detail at some stage. I think they wear their Englishness on their sleeve, which is fine by me, I think the English folk sound mixes very well with progressive rock.

    I used to listen to a lot of internet prog stations when Live365 was going, and they popped up from time to time. I remember enjoying what I heard, but not desperately feeling the need to hear it again - something that happens a lot with bands in the prog field.
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    you mentioned their "English folk sounds" bob...
    one of the first things I thought of when listening to the album (in places) was Jethro Tull.

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