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Thread: Hi, how ya doing?

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    Default Hi, how ya doing?

    I'm Davis. aka Dave. I've been a member of Progressive Ears since they were at Yahoo. I'm not that into prog anymore, way more into blues and roots music, so I did a search and found this place. figure I'll hang out here a while and see how the water is....

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    Hi Davis,

    I think you will find that this place is a lot less active than PE, but on the other hand a good deal more friendly. I'm also a refugee from PE, not because I am no longer into prog but because I came to dislike the general tone of the forum. Too many people pushing some kind of agenda.

    I'm afraid I'm not much into so-called blues and roots, though I do have some respect for those musicians - a lot more than I have for many of the current crop of pop singers.

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    Welcome to MD Davis....
    Yes we are a small community here,
    but stick around and you'll become part of 'the family'

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    My primary participation at PE is the Stoner thread, and there are very few of us participating.

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    Hi Davis. Nice to have you here. I think you will enjoy such a laid-back place
    We have interesting topics here. Fun to get away from it all.

    Modern Country: You don't have to stay in key. They will put you in key.. Merle Haggard

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    my name is brenttagz on soundcloud can you search it up please thank you

    can someone give my music a listen and give feedback it would help a lot thank you

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