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Thread: Singer-songwriters who play the piano such as Tori Amos?

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    Default Singer-songwriters who play the piano such as Tori Amos?

    Hello everyone. There's nothing I love more than finding out a great new artist.
    Do you guys have any suggestions of artists that compose their music, sing their music, and play their music? I'm looking for something quite specific. Only singer-songwriters who play the piano or keyboards, especially the piano. No guitar players, etc.
    I especially like artists that are not too commercial or super mainstream and famous, so no Alicia Keys or John Legend or even Carol King please. I don't mind artists that sell quite well, but they need to still be a bit alternative, like Tori Amos. In fact, Tori Amos is my favourite musician ever, and that's the type of musician I'm looking for, together with smaller indie piano-playing singer-songwriters.

    So, here's my contribution in case you're also looking for artists of this type. Sometimes the artists I mention play more than one instrument, but if they're listed here it's because a good portion of their work involves the piano or keyboards. I also mention at least one song by such artists for you to listen to.

    -Tori Amos (Songs: Winter, Ruby Through The Looking Glass, Oysters)
    -Kate Bush (Song: The Kick Inside, Lake Tahoe)
    -Sarah Slean (Song: Napoleon, The Cosmic Ballet, The Devil And The Dove)
    -Loreena Mckennitt (Song: The Old Ways, Caravanserai)
    -Lauren Aquilina (Song: King, Sinners)
    -Agnes Obel (Song: Riverside, Fuel To Fire)
    -Antony and the Johsons (Song: Hope There's Someone, Spiralling)
    -Joanna Newsom (Song: Soft As Chalk, Good Intentions Paving Company. She's a great harp player too, check her song "81")
    -Steve Adey (Song: Laughing)
    -Tom Hickox (Song: The Pretty Pride Of Russia, Let Me Be Your Lover)
    -Birdy (Songs: Sillouette, Save Yourself)
    -A Fine Frenzy (Song: Almost Lover)
    -Joni Mitchell (Song: River, Blue)
    -Phildel (Song: Dare, Switchblade)
    -Aurora (Song: Runaway, Through The Eyes Of A Child. I'm well aware that most of her work is keyboard driven, however she writes her music and plays the piano and keyboards in the studio, not really live though)
    -Regina Spektor (Song: Blue Lips, How)
    -Sóley (Song: Pretty Face)
    -Dillon (Song: Thirteen Thirtyfive)
    -Fiona Apple (Song: Not About Love)
    -Rufus Wainwright (Song: Going To A Town)
    -Frances (Song: Grow)
    -Bat For Lashes (Song: Moon And Moon. She uses many other instruments too and quite a bit of her work sounds a bit too electronic for me)

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    Billy Joel
    Elton John
    Leon Russell
    Barry Manilow
    Peter Allen

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZY-HORSE View Post
    Billy Joel
    Elton John
    Leon Russell
    Barry Manilow
    Peter Allen
    All great piano players, but I wouldn't liken any of them to Tori Amos or Kate Bush, both of whom have this odd all-over-the-place style of writing and singing. Leon Russell, maybe a little bit.

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