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Thread: New Single Release-Josh Turner's "Hometown Girl"

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    Default New Single Release-Josh Turner's "Hometown Girl"

    What do you y'all think of this new song from Josh? I love everything about it, but I can't help but wonder if this is his way of not being forgotten about. I just pray that this is as far as he is willing to stray from traditional country music and that he doesn't make a habit of straying at all like most everyone else in country music has.

    God bless you and him always!!!


    P.S. How does straying from country music help country music anyway when walking away from it is all that is really being done? To me its bad enough that the playing field has never been level where country is concerned when you look at how popular other musical formats have been. Well in my opinion, going into them other formats is like saying that you give up. I once heard it said that if you run with chickens, you yourself are going to start clucking. Well I donít know about everyone else, but I for am growing sick of all the clucking. (shaking my head)
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    Not bad Holly
    I lost interest in Josh a long time ago because I did not like his deep voice but he did a good job on this one.

    P.S. All country music needs now is for someone to shovel the dirt over the music.
    Except for very few country music is dead.

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    like the lyrics but that's about it
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