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Thread: Mike Batt anyone???

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    Default Mike Batt anyone???

    im looking for a good compilation from Mike Batt to start off my excursion into his music...

    I found this one called "songwriters tale"
    just wondering if it is any good or is there a better one I should get???

    this is the track listing:

    1 Bright Eyes
    2 Soldier's Song
    3 Walls of the World
    4 Winter's Tale
    5 Love Makes You Crazy
    6 System 605
    7 Caravan Song
    8 Caravans
    9 I Feel Like Buddy Holly
    10 Lady of the Dawn
    11 Winds of Change
    12 Please Don't Fall in Love
    13 I Watch You Sleeping
    14 Railway Hotel
    15 Closest Thing to Crazy
    16 Ride to Agadir

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    I have this one and it seems fairly representative but I can't say for sure as I've not heard all his stuff. My fav is Tarot Suite.
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    thanks Ruby

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