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    Default Hi fellow musicians

    This is my first day on the forum. I sing, play guitar and clarinet and write a song every now and then.
    I love most types of music. My favorites are classic rock, pop, sophisticated music - especially baroque and classical, Broadway tunes, rock 'n roll, folk rock, Latin- especially Spanish and Salsa, new wave, reggae, soft rock, Andes music, disco and a smattering of songs or groups of just about any style. Hoping to share music ideas. Favorite groups: Heart and Fleetwood Mac, Love some of the old music; love some of the new music.
    Right now, I have a need for a score for Barbra Streisand's "Everything", which is out of print and apparently not on the internet. If no piano/vocal music available, guitar/vocal will do. Can anybody help?
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    Sorry, can't help with your request. You have an interesting taste in music. Very diverse. I would like to hear some of your music at some stage.
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    Hi bnatural,
    I play the guitar too. Wrote songs also.
    I love Barbra! She needs on frills. All she has to do is just open her mouth
    See what I can do about the score.

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