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Thread: Hello guys! I'm new on the "electro" forum :)

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    Default Hello guys! I'm new on the "electro" forum :)

    Hello guys,

    I just subscribe to this new forum. How are you first? How is the electro music in France actually?
    To introduce myself and because I'm living now in Paris, 3rd district, I'm gonna talk today about a french group called Arkadin. Do you know them?
    Singing in french and basically electro sounding they just released a serie of remixes... Which comes to the unknown and unreleased artist The Unproduced
    I just discovered. He took a new eye on the original track I really like. It sounds 90's a bit, repetitive and more turned around the vocal intention.
    Tell my your feelings on it and PLEASE LET ME DISCOVER NEW SOUNDS!!!

    Here is the sound:



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    Welcome on forum, Anna! Think you'll find a lot of interesting stuff here. I've listened Arkadin tracks on soundcloud. Never heard about this group, but I liked couple of tracks very much. Mostly artists trying to sing on english, that`s why I love to discover awesome music on other languages.

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