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Thread: Foy Vance "the wild swan"

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    Default Foy Vance "the wild swan"

    Foy Vance "the wild swan"

    online Spotify world listen:

    third album from this Irishman, but ive
    never heard of him previously...
    very good soul/R+B songs on here (real soul!),
    some nice ballads which border on Gospel sounds also...
    a touch of rockabilly in the music of a couple of the tracks...
    I hear Van Morrison's influence on a lot of the tracks!
    a classy collection of songs,
    this is my #1 album of the year so far!
    well worth a listen if you have the time!

    from the album, one of the ones that sum up the sound
    of it

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    Spotify spin

    funny that you and I both designate our best of the year in the same week, with different artists

    this one was good for me
    Morrison shows up for sure


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    after all the crap we get through a week it a breath of fresh air to hear a couple of good ones in a row (this one and Goo Goo's)

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