Afroman "happy to be alive"

Spotify listen:

I only picked this one because I loved his annoyingly cool
"because I got high" single from a few years ago...
most of the songs on this one are about 'weed' and I don't mean
the ones that grow in your flower beds and are unwanted...!
theres nothing anywhere near as catchy as that song I mentioned
nine tracks on this one and six remixes including one of "because I got high",
I don't like anything on this album but i'll give the guy credit on two counts:
1....theres not really any foul language or typical rap clichés
2...there are no "featuring...." tracks,
maybe he doesn't want to share his weed?!

from the album:

oops!, sorry, no links available for this one (not that youre missing anything you need to hear!)