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Thread: Cavern Of Anti-Matter "void beats/Invocation Trex"

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    Default Cavern Of Anti-Matter "void beats/Invocation Trex"

    possibly one for Jerome??

    Spotify online listen:

    Cavern Of Anti-Matter "void beats/Invocation Trex"

    I picked this one because it just debuted on the UK "progressive rock" chart
    this week...
    its predominantly an instrumental album and is the brain-child of Tim Gane (former member
    of Stereolab) if that means anything to anyone...
    the guy plays keyboards and guitar so you get the idea of its probable sound...
    not really my thing but I listened to it...
    this may be one for Jerome.

    from the album: (one of the vocal tracks I like)

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    No, not for me CH - thx anyway - cannot get past the vocals.
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