The duo Carbe and Durand make music that is just plain fun to listen to. You should check out their debut album, A BRIDGE BETWEEN. They are both acoustic guitar players, and that is all the music is, just two acoustic guitarists. But what a sound!

They do their own acoustic instrumental versions of a whole bunch of rockíníroll classics, guaranteed to get every listener to tap their feet. Check out the uptempo version of The Rolling Stonesí PAINT IT BLACK, the mellow swing of the Cyndi Lauper classic TIME AFTER TIME, or their acoustic rocking take on the Ozzy Osbourne tune CRAZY TOWN. Also included are three Carbe and Durand originals.

Apparently they road-tested the music playing as a duo and it went over extremely well, but members of the audience would ask afterwards if they could buy it which inspired the duo to get in the studio and lay it down. JP Durand has always played in rock groups and worked at record companies, and Liza Carbe toured with Lindsay Buckingham and Vixen. Then Liza and JP joined with another guitarist, Jim Stubblefield, and started the successful group Incendio. But when that full-band is not touring and recording, Carbe and Durand like to work as a duo which is what led to this project. This is exciting, enjoyable, effervescent music well worth checking out.