You now have the chance to search the internet, find and explore samples of the fourth album by Marika Takeuchi called COLORS IN THE DIARY. Her music has previously gotten a lot of airplay. Her previous IMPRESSIONS album was named one of the Top 5 neo-classical albums of the year by radio programmers who report to the prestigious Top 100 albums airplay Zone Music Reporter Chart.

Mixing her piano with two top string players on cello and violin, Takeuchi creates a warm modern-sounding album with classic piano-strings instrumentation. Originally from Japan but now living in the United States, she has extensive classical music training and has composed and played on numerous indie films too. Listening to her impressionistic music, you might realize it would sound perfect as the score or soundtrack for a film or television show.

If you enjoy new age or contemporary classical-sounding music, this is one you should definitely check out.