A fascinating new compilation has been released. It is the HEARING MUSIC double-album by Joanna Brouk (pronounced like brook) -- the pioneering new age, ambient and avant-garde composer, musician and producer. This is a retrospective of her best work from the Seventies and Eighties when she was blazing new musical trails. She studied under avant-garde music legends Robert Ashley and Terry Riley at the fabled Mills College Center for Contemporary Music in California.

She worked with three excellent classically-trained flutists on several of the tunes including tracks 2 thru 6 on Disc One; and tracks 4 thru 9 on Disc Two; sometimes augmented by a second flute, processing, a synth-drone and even the sounds of orca whales. This was cutting-edge stuff that still sounds fresh and exciting today. There also is wordless vocalizing, two slow solo processed piano tunes, and some experimental synth stuff. All in all it is a collection that shows the far depth of this amazing woman’s explorations.