My name's Andrew and I've been kinda messy with my library of music lately. I'd like to rework it. And if you can, you guys (and girls) can help.
I will post my current library, and if you could pick some songs that might catch me, I'd be glad.

Thank to all of you in advance.

PS.: The "Unscripted-raw" folder is filled with music I used to listen to, I thought it might last longer, so I decided to download them. Unfortunately I rarely ever listen to any single one of them. They will all probably go away from the reworked one, because like this, they just unneccesairly take up space. So ignore them. AND ALSO: If you get easily triggered by racist/9/11/offensive lyrics of any sort, also ignore the "Rucka Rucka Ali" series. I don't want no crying in the comments. Please.

Music Lib.