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Thread: Meghan Trainor "thank you"

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    Default Meghan Trainor "thank you"

    Meghan Trainor "thank you"

    online Spotify listen:

    Damn!, I was afraid of this!
    her debut "title" was full of 1960s R+B,
    soul, almost Motown sounding songs in some places...
    lote of melodies and cool tunes...
    this one, dear oh dear!
    well, it doesn't suck totally, theres five or six cool tracks
    on it, on that initial airing, but nothing up there with
    her debut album...
    four "featuring..." tracks, a couple that are just EDM,
    and lots of autotune throughout...
    a real disappointment overall, considering, again,
    the class of her debut set!

    sorry, but all the clips I looked at have no audio because YT blocked them
    for copyright reasons apparently!

    i'll put up a clip as soon as I find one that is listenable.

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #3

    Spotify spin

    same as you CH
    a few I liked

    they should have put this out as a single
    about a month before Mothers Day
    instead of that dreadful No thing

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    didn't take long for the powers that be to change her did it??

    I heard on the radio yesterday that she pulled her latest video and is reshooting it
    because the people that made it edited it by slimming her legs and waist,
    making her boobs bigger, giving her pronounced cheekbones and highlighted eyes...
    apparently she told them "that doesn't look like me take it down",
    they also digitally altered her ace on the cover of the album which she is not impressed with...

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    last line in above post should read:

    they also digitally altered her face on the cover of the album which she is not impressed with...

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