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Thread: The Jayhawks "paging mr proust"

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    Default The Jayhawks "paging mr proust"

    The Jayhawks "paging mr proust"

    online Spotify world listen...

    What the heck!?
    they call these guys, my backside!
    this aint even that shitty 'modern country'
    this is alternative, maybe touches of modern folk here and there
    but definitely no country whatsoever.
    I hear little bits of Tom Petty in some of the tracks,
    otherwise its strictly alternative...
    good album IMO

    from the album, the lead off single.

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    well it is real music with real instruments
    don't think I've heard these guys before
    this is their 9th album
    first in 5 years
    vocalist has a Beatles sound
    but I can't figure out which one other than not Ringo
    rather bland album for me

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