I've been paying close attention to major rock and indie releases for the last year, but still haven't found anything with the song structure and raw production value of a lot of post-hardcore/grunge/alternative rock from 20-30 years ago. I guess that Bob Mould's or Dinosaur Jr's last albums (2014 and 2012 respectively) both have the sort of sound that I mean, yet they've both been going over 30 years. I want to know something by someone currently younger than 25 with the sound that I can relate to, since I'm only 16, and nothing by anyone new that I've come across sounds this way.

Also, what was it with the late 2000s? I've heard a number of people say that "a new pop sound emerged, and finally that post grunge sound went out". I'm sort of referring to the post-grunge style, so has this style completely ceased with young musicians, or does an underground movement still exist? Nearly everything described as rock/indie from the last couple of years sounds either symphonic, funk, or electronic. Where did the post hardcore/grunge go that was still popular 10 years ago?