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Thread: Brigade - Homesick [Electronic]

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    Default Brigade - Homesick [Electronic]

    Hey everybody! I've been working really hard on this new song recently, which is why I haven't been as active as I wish I was on here. Here's the link for anyone interested:

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    okay I listened...

    I don't profess to know anything about electronic music and to be honest I rarely like anything from the genre...

    no, I don't like it, it just sounds too repetitive to me, sorry...

    Jerome is our resident 'go to' man for electronic music as a rule, so maybe he will listen and give you an opinion (but beware,if he doesn't like it, he will let you know!)

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    Had a listen as well. I certainly do not claim to be any kind of expert on electronic music but I do listen to it on a regular basis. Mainly Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre. I cannot say I like your track for one reason in particular - it does not evolve enough for me. The main problem is the lack of a melodic line. It's OK to have rhythmic elements playing for a period of time but at some point you have to introduce melody into the work. I also dabble with electronic music and the one thing I notice that the major electronic artists all have in common is that they introduce a melodic line from time to time in their pieces. Sometimes they deviate into 'pure' electronica (for want of a better expression), using just noises and textures, sometimes they go the ambient route but they always return to some melodic form somewhere along the way. You have a foundation. You need to build something on it. Just my opinion and not necessarily correct either. It's just how I think electronic music should be. At the end of the day you have to do what you want to do. If people like it then that's great - if they don't, you have to ask yourself why not.
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    Thanks for the critique everybody! It really helps and I honestly appreciate it, and will most definitely take it into account for the future.

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