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Thread: Red Hot Chilli Peppers "dark necessities"

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    Default Red Hot Chilli Peppers "dark necessities"

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers "dark necessities"

    latest effort from RHCP...
    music is very funky with a jazz fusion...
    sounds like something that would have been on early
    Paul Weller songs from 1991-ish...
    If I had heard this one without knowing who it is I may have
    second guessed it as RHCP, its just a run of the mill song
    with nothing of their style really in it,
    thus, I don't like it!

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    I've never liked this band. This song actually impresses me more than most of what I have heard from them - not a bad melody, and some interesting instrumentation. I probably would have recognised it as RHCP only from the singer's voice.

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    That's cool mate,
    You don't like the band but you gave the song a go...

    That's exactly what MH and myself do all the time because once in a blue moon we come across
    A song we like by an artist we don't like,

    Latest example for me was Bieber, cant stand him or his music but I really like "love yourself",

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