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    Default NF - Therapy Session

    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #12

    from the Spotify world

    white rapper
    3rd album
    his last was #1 on the Christian chart
    but I guess he's trying to make the crossover
    it is clean rap which is nice to hear
    you can listen without being repulsed by every other line
    some depth to this guys lyrics
    but that's about it, it's rap

    the single
    might have got into it if not for that annoying sound they're using as an instrument through out the song

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    yes, its good to hear half decent rap/hip hop without the foulmouthed gutter trash talk every second word...

    in fact I have an album im listening to in my car right now that will be posted sometime this week by an Aussie hip hop group
    called Hilltop Hoods, they don't swear/cuss all the time but occasionally drop the F-word, but its in context with what theyre rapping
    about, and they don't rap about the usual crap the US rappers do, they draw on their own life experiences.
    theyre not bad, not great neither, but at least theres no obscenities like the regular rappers.

    im sure bob_32 has heard of them, he appears to keep somewhat up to date with the modern music.

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