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    Hey everyone so I'm looking for some tip for nerves and playing. I started the cello 3 months ago and I have my first recital tomorrow, I'm very nervous because one I just started and two I've never played alone in front of a crowd before. I would be so much more prepared if it were my clarinet (that I've been playing for 5 years) but it's not. I'm playing Minuet Number 3 any tips?

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    Just do it. Ignore the audience and focus on what you are playing. Immerse yourself in the music and not the audience. If you are thinking about what they might think you are not concentrating on the music. Imagine you are playing behind a curtain as if they can hear you but not see you. A lot of people who struggle to play in public use different tricks to get used to the environment until they are comfortable with the situation. And remember they probably cannot do what you can, so you have the advantage. Above all else ENJOY what you are doing. Good luck.
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