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Thread: Another music lover here !

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    Default Another music lover here !

    Hello everyone !

    As a first message i'd like to thank you for making what it seems to be a great forum a nice place to share our music interests. I'm living in France, so sorry for my english mistakes haha !

    I love almost all kinds of music basically, even though right now I'm into jazz because as a guitar player i want to improve my skills and jazz is music theory taken to the n'th degree :-) I also write some music when i have the time.

    Are there many music writers ? Talking with you guys shall be also very interesting, because i'm starting in this field. Don't even know which software to buy and the Best practices haha

    Anyway I hope talking about music with you pretty soon. See ya ! :-)

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    Welcome to the site!
    'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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    Thanks ! :-)

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