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Thread: PJ Harvey "the hope six demolition project"

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    Default PJ Harvey "the hope six demolition project"

    PJ Harvey "the hope six demolition project"

    online Spotify listen:

    a concept album of sorts from Harvey...
    centres around the "Hope VI" housing redevelopment projects
    in the US whereby the knock down blocks in the rundown parts of
    town and new buildings are erected, often to the detriment of those
    who previously lived there because the rents are now out of their reach...
    well, that's the crux of the album...

    im generally not a fan of Harvey, I do own "let England shake" though.
    this album is okay on a first listen and I believe it will grow on me with a
    couple more listens, so i'll say I like this album or now.

    from the album (the second single/lead of album track)

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #63

    reminds of Patti Smith when I see her
    album is a border line for me

    first single

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    I gave it another Spotify gets better mate, its now on the list to purchase!

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