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Thread: Pet Shop Boys - Super

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    Default Pet Shop Boys - Super

    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #58

    from the Spotify world

    worst album cover nominee
    hard to decide between pop or electronic
    but since CH posted the single of Pop Kids here
    and that was the only passable track for me
    you can have the rest

    lead track

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    I guess they were known as synth-pop when they started, so either genre is acceptable I guess...

    Human League, Depeche Mode etc could all be in either genre...
    but also when they came out originally, their music was always in the "alternative/indi" charts in the UK, so who knows...

    heard your link, I think i'll stick to my compilation and their early material...

    gotta give them credit though, for surviving through those horrid synth laden 1980s when so many others fell by the wayside!

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