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Thread: Graham Nash "this path tonight"

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    Default Graham Nash "this path tonight"

    Graham Nash "this path tonight"

    online Spotify world listen:

    I was a bit apprehensive prior to listening to this one because
    of his back catalogue of fifty years..
    first studio album from the former Hollies, CSN and CSN&Y
    musical legend in fourteen years...
    lots of acoustic almost folky material on this one...
    quality writing, lovely vocals and beautiful melodies
    proving the musicians of this vintage/ilk never
    fade away, nor do they rust...
    very good stuff

    from the album (the title track)

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #93

    from the Spotify world

    his breakup album
    38 years married.......gone
    love or the loss of, can set off some creativity in music


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    Damn, so in the last year or so both Nash and Young's marriage's failed after all those years.

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    All the guys in CSN&Y could write a great song, but IMO Nash was the most consistently good songwriter of the group.

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