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Thread: name of this song

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    Question name of this song

    ever since i saw this video a couple years ago ive wanted to know the songs in it, ive found the first one, but the second one (starts at 3:21) i havent been able to find. shazam didnt help either

    if anyone could help that would be marvelous

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    you didn't want the name of the videogame, but that is Goldeneye isn't it????

    anyway, used to play that game many moons ago and I don't recall any music in it???

    and no, I have no idea what the name of the song is.

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    the following are the names of the music pieces and songs from Goldeneye...
    maybe you could check them out on YT to see it its one of them:

    1. Goldeneye - Tina Turner
    2. The Goldeneye Overture

    3. Ladies First

    4. We Share The Same Passions

    5. A Little Surprise For You

    6. The Severnaya Suite

    7. Our Lady Of Smolensk

    8. Whispering Statues

    9. Run, Shoot And Jump

    10. A Pleasant Drive In St. Petersburg

    11. Fatal Weakness

    12. That's What Keeps You Alone

    13. Dish Out Of Water

    14. The Scale To Hell

    15. For Ever, James

    16. The Experience Of Love

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    hey man, thanks for your reply :)
    actually the game is not goldeneye but rather counter-strike 1.6
    also, none of the songs you told were the one im looking for.. so the search continues :(
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