You need to experience the new self-titled album by South African acoustic guitarist GUY BUTTERY because it is a virtuoso mind-bending trip worth taking. It is completely different than most other music being released, and is sort of a throwback to the experiments of acoustic-guitarists such as Robbie Basho and John Fahey in the late Sixties and in the Seventies, which were sometimes called “primitive” but were anything but. Some of that music was influenced by the ragas of India, transposed from sitar and such to acoustic guitar, and you can hear a bit of all that in Buttery’s arrangements.

Besides acoustic guitar, Buttery plays mbira (African thumb piano) and acoustic-generated ambient textures and gentle psychedelia. His friends join in on various tracks by playing cuatro (a small South American guitar), sarangi from India, organ, drums, bass and concertina. This is spacey instrumental music with touches of world-fusion adding color. It is difficult to go out on a limb and purchase an album that the reviewer claims you will not even begin to appreciate until the third or fourth listen. But if you are the adventurous type, looking for something different, and music that you can come back to for enjoyment again and again, this one to take a chance on. Coin of the realm well spent.