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Thread: Mayer Hawthorne "man about town"

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    Default Mayer Hawthorne "man about town"

    Mayer Hawthorne "man about town"

    online Spotify listen:

    a soul-man...a real soul-man, none of that modern R+B crap on here and hes a white boy
    which I didn't know until I wiki'd him...!
    the guy's influences were Curtis Mayfield, Holland-dozier-Holland, Isaac Hayes,
    Barry White you get the idea, right?...
    I wouldn't say baritone, but his voice is deep in some songs, normal soul voice
    in others and falsetto on a couple of others also...
    10 tracks, thirty odd minutes, no bullcrap filler to extend it out,
    this is good soul, and it takes a lot to impress me with 'soul' because im a big fan
    of the 1960s-70s soul sounds that came out of the US...
    what makes this even more authentic is that Mayer hails from Michigan, the home
    of Motown...
    great album, its on the list to purchase!

    from the album(one of the falsetto tracks)

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #90

    from the Spotify world

    quite impressed here
    blue eyed soul, didn't know they still made it
    I felt some Aloe Blacc with the versatility of Bruno
    nice vocal range with some varied styles

    second single

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    I have two others by him and will be getting this one as well - good stuff

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