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Thread: Lumineers "cleopatra"

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    second album from these guys...
    got the first sent to me a while ago from Kentucky...
    this album is a bit darker and more sombre in places than the debut...
    alt-folk is what I would call it if I had to label it...
    two superb singles lifted off this one already...
    they sum up the album IMO...
    fourteen tracks, including an instrumental at the end...
    very good album, fans of their debut will like this one also...

    from the album:

    the two singles:
    "Cleopatra" live
    "Ophelia" live

    plus another off the album:

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #1

    from the Spotify world

    while I can't honestly say anything stood out
    they do stay true to their debut which is what I wanted
    it's all good

    lead track

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