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Thread: David Bowie "i cant give everything away"

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    Default David Bowie "i cant give everything away"

    David Bowie "i cant give everything away"

    Bowie left explicit instructions as to his releases over the next decade including
    unreleased material, re issues, etc complete with expected artwork, tracklistings,
    cover art he is still in control of his career even after death...
    this single is the third from "blackstar"...
    has a slight avante-garde jazz feel happen for me...
    im not passing judgement until I play the album in its entirety, but you may
    well wish to comment on it.
    when the video for it gets released later this week I will post it here.

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    so heres the video for the song...

    shame its all in hindsight now...
    the lryics mention a 'black heart', skulls on his shoes' etc...
    all cryptic messages about his impending death and the title obviously
    referring that he cant let anyone know of his illness....the guy was an absolute genius right
    to the end, and no one read the lryics to see he was telling us what is happening to him!

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