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Thread: Nonstop Casiopea - Just launched a new radio station

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    Exclamation Nonstop Casiopea - Just launched a new radio station

    Hey everyone!

    I just launched a new radio station streaming the wonderful music by the world famous japanese jazz fusion band Casiopea(カシオペア). Peaking in the early/mid 80's, Casiopea has kept the cool with Smooth jazz tunes to up beat fusion. It's a unique sound that makes you wanna bogey bogey bogey.
    I have plans for different eras of the band depending on the day of the week and all that.
    Right now It's playing music from their first album from 1979 to their last album before the original bassist left (1990). It's going to be a good mix between great studio albums to recorded live concerts from the time.

    Direct link:;

    I'm also on shoutcast:

    (Pick Jazz > Fusion)


    You can download a .m3u from shoutcast or you can also insert the direct link in your favourite media player.
    Tune in to discover the groove!

    Sorry for all the links haha but I have a twitter and a website and on the website you can get info on how to connect to the station with windows mediaplayer or winamp what have you:



    Thank you sooo much in advance. Take care!

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