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    As music lovers, I have to assume many of us have decided to shell out a decent amount on audiophile quality headphones/amps/speakers/etc to get the most out of our listening experiences! What I am learning as I delve deeper into this subject is that there are, like, TOO many headphone brands out there, and it makes choosing a pair almost impossible. I was wondering which headphone brands you guys/gals use, and if there are any you like for specific genres of music, etc. I found this site online: and they seem to offer a lot of rare, high quality brands that I had never heard of before. Brands like Audeze and Stax.

    Anyway, let's get a headphone discussion going! Any brands you like, any brands you hate, I want to hear about it!


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    you really like headphones don't you?
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    For overall/all around I prefer Sennheiser

    I've had several senns, grados, audio technica and some customs. Currently using Sennheiser HD-700 and a custom pair of heavily modified Fostex T50RPs

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    Have to agree with Mr Burke - I have used Sennheisers for years. They do the job. I have had a number of different models over the years. I would love to own a pair of the top end phones but the price does not equate to the improvement in quality. And even if I was a billionaire I would not spend that kind of money on a pair of headphones. Period!
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    I use Koss PortaPro Classics. They are great for the price and quite decent even if you have more money to spend.
    As for the hated brands, MEElectronics earbuds are horrible I've owned 3 pairs (1 extra cheap, 1 regular cheap, 1 high end cheap) and they have all lasted me only months, not to mention how terrible they sounded beforehand.

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    Once had a pair of Grados. Real tight fit but a great sound. Also had a pair of Audio-Technica monitors that I used for listening to records. Used those things till they died. These days I have a nice pair of Seinheissers.

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    Buy beats and iphone, be a real "not like others" LOL. Ok now seriously. Two years ago my friend gives on my B-Day G-Cube (A4Tech) headphones. Maybe it has not very clear or pro sound but at the same time not expensive and it good fits on my head. Plus quality of assembly not bad, although it is chinese, I think. Using everyday.

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