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Thread: Willie Nile "world war willie"

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    Default Willie Nile "world war willie"

    Willie Nile "world war willie"

    online Spotify listen:

    I got to admit it, ive never heard of this guy
    but he's releases around ten albums...
    lots of influences here, from rockabilly, through
    folk and everything in between,
    was trying to find a comparison for his familiar
    sounding vocal style and all I could come up with
    was Joe Strummer with an American accent.
    good album, its on the "to purchase" list!

    here's his Wiki page I anyone is interested:

    from the album (the lead off single)

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    I like Willie Nile...I was disappointed as last Saturday he played an acoustic set at my local Record Store & I couldn't make it. He's quite popular here in Buffalo & usually sells out when in the area. I'm not a huge fan but do like his stuff. He does a cool cover of Jim Carroll's People who Died on his American Ride album

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