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Thread: looking fo an old 80's song

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    Default looking fo an old 80's song

    I'm looking an song that was in the early to mid 80's

    part of the song either goes like this "oh baby all night oh yeah" or "oh baby all right oh yeah".

    it was sanged by single female singer or a female group.

    can somebody help please

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    It may be something from the MaryJane girls.

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    ive given this original post a little bit of thought over the last couple of days being a teen of the late 1970s/early 1980s
    and all I could come up with was Maryjane Girls like Oldies65...
    couldn't narrow it down any further, as I was never a fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldies65 View Post
    It may be something from the MaryJane girls.

    Or just about anything by Poison.
    "Sh-boom was the last great song ever written." ~ My Mom

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