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Thread: Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones "little windows"

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    Default Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones "little windows"

    Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones "little windows"

    online Spotify listen...

    Kelly is an alt folk singer from Washington(not sure if that's meant to be DC or the State??)
    and Teddy is the son of UK folkies Richard and Linda Thompson...
    they got together a few years ago to pay tribute to George Jones and struck up a
    this album touches on country, folk and the 1950s country rock sounds of Phil and Don...
    their vocals blend well together..
    the songs are simple and melodious and for the most part acoustic...
    ten tracks on this album or a total playing time of 25 minutes...
    short, sharp and sweet...
    I love this album,
    its on the "to purchase" list!

    from the album, the lead of single with distinct Phil and Don overtones:

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    very nice
    thank you
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    make the effort this week (if you remember) to give the album a listen, youll like it.

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    #1 on debut on the UK country charts this week...

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