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Thread: Promoting Yourself.......

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    Default Promoting Yourself.......

    or your band, or your friends band, or your mamas friends band
    we will allow you 1 plug
    choose your forum wisely
    any duplicates will be removed
    be aware that posting your clip opens the door
    to what you might not want to hear
    if we think it sucks, we'll let you know
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
    Will Rogers

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    and to add to that...

    self promotion is only allowed to let us hear your material, not as a means to sell it
    or send members to linked pages in which to do so,
    if we want to purchase your material we will contact you via Private Messaging.

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    new members:

    do not come to this forum and simply post a link to iTunes/amazon/Spotify/soudcloud...
    you are obviously here to self promote or lead us places to purchase your material...

    come here to be a part of the "MD community" or don't come at all, this forum is not your personal classified space, your posts will be removed.

    that said, if you potter around at home recording music for a hoby we'd be more than happy to listen to it, just don't send us links to WWW addresses that sell the product!

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