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Thread: Uhm... hello.

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    Default Uhm... hello.

    Hello everyone, you can call me Gaze, I'm just a guy who listens a lot of music everyday, seriously.

    My favourite genres are: Alternative Rock, Punk, Ska, Electro-Swing and a little of Dark Cabaret (a little weird, I know), but I really like to hear experimental music to pass the time.

    I expect to hear good and new things here :P

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    welcome to MD Gaze...

    im pretty sure we only have one or two people here who actually dabble in music on a recording level,
    the rest of us are like you, in that we simply listen to a lot of music as a serious hobby.

    who are your favourite Alt rock artists?

    punk/ska....are we talking the British music of the late 1970s-early 1980s here, or other punk/ska???

    I have no idea what "electro-swing" or "dark cabaret" is so stick around and enlighten me (and probably a few others also so as we may
    get an idea what they are)

    if you stick around we'll pick up a lot from you and im sure you will pick up some things from us as individuals and as a collective.

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    My favourite artists of alternative rock have to be The Rasmus and The Cure, maybe The offspring, but I don't know if their themes are still considered alt rock...

    And well, the ska music was pretty popular a few years ago here on latin america, has its own style, but it isn't that distant from the British music.

    PS: I'll see where I put some examples of electro-swing or dark cabaret, but not right now :P

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