I would like to know what category, i.e, genre, different popular songs belong to. I am aware that it is not a matter of strict classification, but I need to have a few examples. I will much appreciate your answers if you provide subcategories as well.

A. What genre are these songs: 1- Every night in my dream (Celine Dion), 2- Hello (Adele), 3- I will love again (Lara Fabian), 4- Je t'aime (Lara Fabian), 5- My way (Frank Sinatra), 6- Shake it off (Taylor Swift), 7- Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift), 8- My all (Mariah Carey), 9- A candle in the wind (Elton John).
B. Would you please give me an example song for each of the following genres, with an example of subcategories if possible: 1- Contemporary Folk, 2- soft pop, 3- easy listening, 4- contemporary classical, 5- Rock and Roll 6- Folk Punk 7- Blues (classic, country) 8- techno