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Thread: Australia's Got Talent...talent show

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    Default Australia's Got Talent...talent show

    yes, I know...
    im not a fan of these reality shows but I was skimming through the channels last night and
    watched the end of the "Australia's got talent" Grand Final show...

    this fourteen year old kid, Fletcher Pilon, was about to start performing...
    I watched, I listened, I was amazed how someone so young could write such a beautiful
    tribute to his deceased sibling Banjo...

    needless to say, he won the Grand Final...
    now he needs to move to the UK, hook up with one of the labels the other successful acoustic
    singers like Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Hozier, James Bay or Jake Bugg and get him in the studio...

    this kid really has a great future ahead of himself IMO, as long as the record moguls don't try to
    manipulate his natural talent.

    remember the name Fletcher Pilon people, this kid will be a star in the next two or three years!

    here's his Grand Final performance on Australia's Got Talent last night....

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    amazing what the internet holds sometimes...
    I just found a clip of young Fletcher on "the voice Australia: kids 2014" from when he was only twelve years old...awesome performance

    here is that performance:

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