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Thread: Qemists "run you"

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    Default Qemists "run you"

    Qemists "run you"

    British electronic-metal band...
    have released three albums apparently...
    vague similarities to Prodigy in places,
    even the video is similar to "firestarter"...
    I don't like it.

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    I don't like it
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    It's not straight up metal.

    It's not straight up electronica.

    It's not straight up pop.

    It is, however, straight up annoying.

    It's fixable, though.

    Get rid of the keyboards and put in metal guitars, and it's an a$$ kicker.
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    Nothing new. I'm sick of such kind of music. But still they deserve props for doing smthn unique of the first in this genre, IMO.

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