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Thread: Tonight Alive "drive"

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    Default Tonight Alive "drive"

    Tonight Alive "drive"

    a WTF moment!
    the single hasn't charted anywhere as far as I am aware,
    but the album it comes rom debut's at #1 on the UK
    "metal/rock" albums chart this week...
    this isn't metal(thank God) but it isn't rock neither
    its straight up pop IMO...
    I like the female vocalist's vocals, but not the song/music.
    and I keep thinking to myself..."rock? my ass!!!"

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    I like it.
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    The singer has really good command and control of her vocals.

    There's nothing weak or strained anywhere, and there are couple of pretty cool harmonies in there, as well.

    Nothing wrong with the cut, but, meh, not for me.
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