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Thread: Eagles bassist Randy Meisner's wife dead from gunshot wound

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    Unhappy Eagles bassist Randy Meisner's wife dead from gunshot wound

    Evening before last former bassist and Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner's wife Lana Rae died accidentally from a gunshot wound incurred as she was moving a gun case in a closet. It should be noted however hesitantly that the police were called one and a half hrs earlier for domestic disturbance involving a less than lucid Randy and a BB gun. I truly hope Randy had nothing to do with this and at this point the police have cleared him but it doesn't look good.

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    Sorry to hear about Lana, Cathy!
    People have to realize, we have to be careful with guns. The safety must not have been on.
    Hoping Randy had nothing to do with the shooting. Sounds like he does have some issues.
    Thoughts and prayers are with him and their families.

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