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Thread: Better than Spotify (1$ 3 months)

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    Default Better than Spotify (1$ 3 months)

    Hi. I want to show you something you should to use instead of spotify. I am not saying that spotify is bad, but it is pretty expensive. So i want to introduce you other site that works like spotify but is so much cheaper. 3 months is 1$ so i recommend even trying. I personally use it because i am student and my financial life is not the best as someone may be can guess.

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    Spotify is FREE, upgrades may cost, but the free version allows me to hear all the new releases I want.

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    Why would someone prefer spending money for a service which is available FREE of cost? There are still many apps such as IHeartRadio, which provides thousands of radio stations from across the country. Similarly, there are many apps such as Pandora, Slacker Radio and SoundCloud, which allows you to millions of songs online for FREE.


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