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    Default musical tastes....

    ive noticed over the last three maybe four years that my musical tastes are changing once again...why is it so?

    im beginning to appreciate Symphonic Hard Rock, David Gilmour and Eagles and not listening to some of my favourites
    as much as I used to, or even going off them to an extent...
    but some 'staples' remain firm favourites...

    why is this?
    what makes us change our musical tastes?
    is it just me or do we all evolve with music???

    and yes,
    in regards to Gilmour/Eagles I am expecting Jerome to say something like..."youre growing up" or similar...
    go ahead mate i'll take it on the chin.

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    a restless spirit Jerome's Avatar
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    I found exactly the same thing years ago. But it's not growing up - it's the Dani factor..........

    Years ago I would not have even contemplated listening to classical or ambient music - now I play it quite a lot.

    Times change, people change, tastes change. It would be pretty boring if they didn't.
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    My musical taste doesn't really change because I continue to love those who I have already been listening to. What I do is just make room for anyone else who comes along and interests me enough. The more the merrier!

    God bless you and my favorites always!!!

    Listen to my most favorite singer here sometime, James Otto that is!

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    In High school all i listened to was metal.
    I started to get into grunge and other 90's alternative bands after school, then started listening to their classic rock and punk influences.
    Now i Listen to heaps of different genre's, even ambient stuff which i would have never listened to in high school.

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    I agree with JOSH
    I don't consider picking up new artists as a change because they previously weren't there
    I still like what I have always liked
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    Thanks for your input and thoughts guys, I get if now.

    I'm obviously just looking for music that bypassed me by when I as absorbed in other music at a given time....

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