My band Until We Get Caught is trying to hop on Warped Tour for the first time for the Holmdel, NJ date! It would mean the world to me if you help us out by CLICKING "SHARE" on the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER and/or streaming our EP that's on it too. Leaving comments at the bottom of the page helps us out too! Help us live our dreams! Thank you!
Here are the steps to vote
-Click the link
-then make an account
-click "follow"
-then click and listen to each song
- comment on the video saying why do you want to see us at warped!
- click "share now" from the website!
- you have now voted for us!

Until We Get Caught is a five piece easy core/pop punk band from Staten Island, New York that was formed in the late summer of 2014. We combine pop punk with the heavy elements of metal core to create an amazing sound. Our debut album "Easy There, Killer!" just came out on February 12th, 2016! If you enjoy singing along to a catchy chorus, throwing down in the pit, or have a laugh, Until We Get Caught is the band you should give a listen to!
If you are in a similar contest or the same one please post your band links below so I/others can vote for your band! Thanks!